Aquavon AQ2-7258 Whole House Water Softener

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The Aquavon AQ2 - 7258 Water Softener is a whole house water system that utilizes state-of-the-art ion exchange technology that provides households with a continuous supply of softened water by removing Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate, otherwise known as water hardness or lime scale.

Water Softeners are the only cost effective and guaranteed way to remove water hardness out of your water and reduce the negative effects of water spots, calcium deposits and corrosion.

The commercial grade and advanced touch screen electronic control valve allows for flow rates up to 20 GPM with automatic maintenance by backwashing the system when required. Experience the benefits and cost savings and begin enjoying a luxurious flow of water that feels gentler on your skin, hair and that makes household cleaning a breeze.

Suggested Sizing would be for a 1 - 10 member families or up to 10,000 sq. ft. residences.


• Protects Your Home Investments by reducing maintenance and extending the life of:
     - Faucets and Fixtures
     - Washing Machines
     - Ice Makers
     - Coffee I Espresso Machines
     - Dishwashers
     - Tankless / Hot Water Heaters
     - Spas/ Hot Tubs
• Softened Water Throughout Your Entire Home
     - Soft and gentle water that will leave your skin silky smooth
     - Soft water at every faucet within your home
• Convenient for Everyday Living
     - Easier cleaning of glass, dishes and countertops
     - Less maintenance to household appliances and fixtures
• No Monthly or Annual Service Contracts or Maintenance Fees
• No Use of Chemicals, Magnets, or Gimmicks
• No Filters to Replace or Discard


• Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Components
• 2-Stages of a Formulated Blend of Filtering and Softening Resins and Medias
• Removal of Water Hardness and Lime Scale (Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate)
• User-Friendly Touch Screen Electronic Control Valve
• Energy Efficient Low Voltage Electronics
• High Flow Rates Up to 20 GPM
• Built-In Service Bypass
• Automatic Backwashing and Requires Salt for Maintenance
• Stainless Steel Protective Jacket
• Simple to Operate, Install and Service
• 5-Year Warranty
• Made in the U.S.A.


• Model: AQ2-7258
• Max. Flow (GPM): 20
• Est. Service (Years): 10
• Connections (MNPT - IN): 1
• Softener / Brine Tank Size (IN): 13 x 60 / 18 x 40
• Shipping Weight (LBS): 170


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