Aquavon AQ1-6100 Water Purifier

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The Aquavon AQ1-6100 utilizes reverse osmosis technology and features a six-stage pre-filter, membrane, and postfilter design which is housed inside cartridges that are easy to service and maintain with a single twist. This one of the most compact drinking water systems on the market and the storage tank is housed inside of its enclosure!

The ultraviolet sterilizer makes sure that nothing gets passed and safely treats the water as it passes. A sixth stage remineralization cartridge is installed between the tank and faucet for even better tasting water that is pH balanced. The ultra-compact system includes a long reach faucet, a two-gallon white storage tank, tubing, and quick connect fittings for a quick and easy installation.

Stage 1: Sediment Pre-filter
Stage 2: Carbon Pre-filter
Stage 3: Carbon Block Pre-filter
Stage 4: 100 GPD Hyperfilter
Stage 5: Remineralizer
Stage 6: Ultraviolet Sterilizer


• Proven Technology for Pure, Balanced and Enriched Water
• Improves Quality of Water for Drinking and Cooking
• Fresh Water Made and Available When Needed
• Innovative Design Allows for Less Waste Water
• Compact and Light Weight
• Counter Top or Under Counter Design
• No Monthly or Annual Service Contracts or Maintenance Fees
• Quick and Easy Installation and Maintenance
• Effective for Treating TDS, Arsenic, Cysts, Fluoride and Lead


• Polyamide RO Membrane Removes 95% or More of Contaminants
• Reduction of TDS, Arsenic, Cysts, Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine, Offensive Odors and Tastes
• State-of-the-Art Integrate Water Purification Technologies
• Built-In Moisture Sensor and Filter Change Notification

• 50% Smaller Footprint than Traditional RO Systems
• Over 50% Less Waste Water than Traditional RO Systems
• Everything Included for a Simple Install and Easy Service
• 1-Year Warranty


• Model: AQ1-6100
• Production (GPD): 100
• Estimated Service (Months): 12
• Salt Rejection (% PPM): >95
• Larger Product Tube Allows for Higher Flow Rate
• System Overall Size (IN): 10 x 16 x 16
• Shipping Weight (LBS): 28


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