AXEON Solo I 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

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AXEON® Solo I 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System contains highly advanced membrane technology. To ensure water is safe, clean, and crisp, this system features four stages of filtration. It is fully integrated with a sediment filter, sintered carbon block, RO membrane, and an inline post carbon. The design allows for fast and easy service. Three of the four cartridges are within a single housing. The fourth stage can either consist of an inline post carbon for improved tasting water or an optional remineralization cartridge which will balance the water's pH level.


  1. 50 Gallons Per Day RO Membrane

  2. Integrated Sintered Carbon Block and Sediment Filtration 

  3. 3.2 Gallon Pressurized White Metal Storage Tank

  4. Long Reach Air Gap Faucet

  5. Fittings and Hardware For Installation



  • 30% Higher Flow to the Faucet

  • 50% Less Water to the Drain

  • 50% Smaller Footprint Than Traditional Systems

  • High Flow RO Membrane Fills the Tank Faster

  • High-Quality Integrated Sediment/ Carbon Filter

  • Bottle Quality Water from the Faucet

  • Quick and Easy Installation and Service


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