Filtermax RO4-100 Premium Reverse Osmosis System

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The Filtermax Pure Water Filter 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System produces up to 100 gallons per day of pure water in the convenience of your home or office. This reverse osmosis system is designed with high-capacity easy to change filters, which offer easier and quicker installation and maintenance.

The Filtermax Pure Water Filter 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System (Model: FMX-RO4-100) system features integrated SmartControls that display the incoming feed water and purified process water's total dissolved solids.

What is total dissolved solids or commonly referred to as TDS?

Total dissolved solids or TDS a is a measurement of all the things, good and not so good, that are dissolved in your water. It’s measured in parts per million or ppm. As a point of reference most water in the U.S. ranges between 400 - 700 ppm of TDS, but the Filtermax Pure Water Filter 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System will reduce this down by approximately 97% to 12 - 21 ppm of TDS respectively.

4 Stages of Water Purification for Fresh, Pure Water Anytime!

Stage 1: Granulated Activated Carbon Filter for reducing Chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds and other Harmful Contaminants

Stage 2: 5 Micron Rated PolySpun Sediment Filter for capturing dirt, rust, debris and other sediments commonly found in water

Stage 3: 100 Gallon Per Day High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane that purifies your water down to 0.00001 microns

Stage 4: Post Coconut Carbon Filter that polishes your water while providing a crisp taste and odor free water to enjoy


  1. Micro-processor controlled RO system for auto water filtration control
  2. Filter status display and filter replacement reminder for changing the filter
  3. Auto RO membrane rinsing technology by system start-up cleaning and tank-full cleaning.
  4. 3.0 Gallon plastic tank is combined with the RO system to meet family drinking water need
  5. Molded water pipe plumbing system, with small-size pump to save space.
  6. Feed water and Pure water TDS display for drinking water quality monitoring
  7. Snap-in quick change filter by twisting the filter for easy installation. 3seconds for filter replacement


Dimension: 405x330x120mm
Tank dimension: 250x250x345mm
Packing dimension: 430x410x370mm
Weight: 8kgs


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